CFL odor

JillybeansMay 5, 2012


I just got a CFL bulb - EIKO SP23/65K.

This is my first CFL bulb so don't know much about them.

The problem is when turned on it gives off a metallic odor. Not a burning smell. Not noticeable far away, but you can smell it a couple of feet away.

I have it plugged into a 60 watt lamp base. The bulb is 23 watt. Thought it was the metal from my lamp, but I switched the bulb into a new lamp. Still gives off same odor.

Is the odor from these bulbs normal?

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I don't think the odor is normal. CFL bulbs have a built-in electronic ballast (in the base). I've heard that the ballast can put out a strange (musty) odor when it's going bad. I realize that your bulb is new but it's possible that you could have gotten a faulty one. I'd take it back and get a different bulb. Click the link below to read about a ballast failure in a CFL bulb.


Here is a link that might be useful: Ballast Failure

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Check out this video:

It shows the insides of a CFL and what goes bad and causes odors.

Here is a link that might be useful: CFL Odor Video Link

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Been reading up on CFL bulbs. Hopefully nothing like that will happen.

The odor has died down a bit. Might have been manufacturing chemicals burning off. But after read more into these bulbs and watching videos, kinda makes me paranoid.

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