bulbs vs. plants (roots that look like a plant)??

luvtogarden09June 14, 2009

I moved inot my house in the summer of 06. The original owner was an avid gardener and the woman we bought it from let everything overgrow :O( I have a ton of what I believe are lillies. I have been working on getting the garden back into shape and dug up a bunch of them. As I was separating them and transplanting them I noticed that some were bulbs and others looked more like they were just roots and some even looked like tubers. Are these all lillties? Different types? Which is which??

I think I have another kind of lilly as well - it's one stem with spikey type leaves (as opposed to the others that look like grass). The bulb of these looks kind of like a bulb of garlic. Are these lillies or am I totally confused?

This is my first home and I love to garden but I'm young and still learning. Any help is much appreciated!!

Thanks bunches,


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lilies have bulbs. the tubers might be cannas or calla lilies, which are not lilies really. the grassy ones without bulbs are daylilies (hemerocalis). the ones that look like garlic - are either orientals or asiatics (they have one strong stem with narrow leaves). if you got smth that looks like a bulb with sparsely attached sep cloves, sort of more elongated along the stem - that's easter lily(big white trumpets, also strong stem, spikey leaves). this site has a good info on lilies of all .

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