Mislabelled peach/cream asiatics: any idea?

linnea56(z5 IL)June 17, 2010

I bought these packaged as being "Commander in Chief," a red lily, at HD this spring. Obviously they are not. I potted them (rather than planting them in the garden, because I have bought so many mislabeled lilies), planning on seeing what they really were, first. (Have I finally learned something ?!)

They ARE pretty, though, so theyÂre a keeper. I have something very similar already, which I think is called Toronto: that has more of a raspberry tinge, wider petals, and more substance to both petals and leaves.

I put all 6 in one 10 inch pot, though, because they were well sprouted at the time. I hope they can hold out until ripened before I put them in the garden.

Any idea what it could be? Thanks!

If you have two loaves of bread, sell one and buy a lily - Chinese Proverb

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lila888(Z5 IL)

They look like LA Royal Sunset to me.

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Here is a photo of my Royal Sunset. I love it.

I would certainly keep them. Just keep watering the pot!

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linnea56(z5 IL)

DonÂt LA lilies have greater than average substance, and thicker leaves? I have a couple that I think are LAÂs (which also came mislabeled, from another source). This seems just like an ordinary asiatic to me, in terms of thickness of petals and width of leaves, thickness of stems Âunless first year is different? Is Royal Sunset orange at tips, too? Mine is definitely raspberry at the tips, moving to deep peach, then to golden cream towards the center.

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My Royal Sunset isn't orange at the tips. It's Hot Pink as shown and then bright orange inside. The colours in my photo are true to life in my garden anyways.

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Looks like 'Rosela's Dream' to me. The color is just more of a pinky blend, whereas 'Royal Sunset' is more of a south pacific sunset blend--exactly as 'swontgirl's photo. Both plants are virtually identical in size, shape, appearance and multiply rapidly. Bloom size, shape and petal texture are the same and both hold their color well, even in full hot sun and I'm very happy with both. You mention 'Commander in Chief'. It color fades rapidly--turning an anemic transparent pinkish color by late afternoon in full sun. It's a big plant--mine are a good 5 feet, a rapid grower,it flowers very early, but the color is just not stable. You are wise to pot plant 'big box' bulbs for verification!

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