callas not blooming, what to do......

tina_2June 12, 2008

Hi - I just got a pot of calla bulbs, snagged from a sale - unmarked. I have no idea, the type they are.

There are about 6 bulbs planted about 2 - 1/2 inches deep,

in a medium size 8 inch pot.

The leaves are about 4 inches wide and 4 inches long.

Shaped like a heart, but round at the bottom?

Have to envision it, I guess. So, can anyone tell me when they might bloom or what type they might be.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, so much. tina_2

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Tina, Callas are not Lilies. They are Aroids. There is Aroid forum on GW. It is impossible to tell what is it by your description though. If you will post a picture on Aroid forum, someone will be able to help you probably.

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