Dwarf Papaya growing and blooming under grow lights

arctictropical(Z4)May 4, 2014

Here are a couple pics of dwarf papaya plants that I have successfully grown and got to bloom under high intensity grow lights this Winter/Spring. I took the plants outside just to take the pictures. It is still too cold to leave them outside here in Northern Utah. Even last week it was 25 degrees outside one evening. Grow lights work!

I'm even getting some fruit! I have two males and one female plant. Too bad I don't have one male and two female plants.

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Wow! That's incredible. Could you share a pic of the set up they were growing in so we can learn from you? Thanks.

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Here' some updated pics of the female papaya since this Spring when I brought it outside from being under the grow lights all winter. I've kept it outside since the danger of frost passed. The fruit is growing quite well. When frost hits, this plant will go back under the grow lights to ripen. treehugger100, I have included a pic of two batteries of my high intensity grow lights.

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jbclem(z9b Topanga, Ca)

Nice papaya plants! I'd like to know about the growing conditions when they are indoors...what's the room temperature where they're growing, and how often do you water them. I've had difficulties keeping papayas alive in the winter unless I have them on heat pads and under grow lights, and there's a size limit on the table where I have the heat pad. And if I just set them next to a window (it's a cold house), they eventually develop root rot, even when I water sparingly. So I've like to know your secrets, if you'll share them.


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Marcvegan Smith

I have planted semidwarfs under shop lights, now 8 inches tall, I want to prune the tops to keep them shorter, has anyone tried this before?

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