Overfertilized pole beans

feranniaJune 15, 2009

I am a total beginer. In a compost soil of a community garden, raised bed plot, applied a wrong (fish) fertilizer 5-1-1 imidiatelly after planting seeds, and once again about two weeks later.

I did it on advice of a garden manager who supplied the fertilizer telling us it is good for everything we want to grow.

Later, by experienced gardeners I learned that's not a good fertilization for beans (more precisely Italian pole beans Goldmarie, Phaseolus vulgaris L. var. vulgaris).

Now leaves are big and plentiful, but I am afraid there will be no beans.

Would a balancing with a fertilizer 0-12-0 (half strength) do any good and help produce some fruit ? I am afraid I will do only worse applying more chemicals.

Gardeners from neighbouring plots suggested I get rid of my plants, plant zuccini and some squash while I still have time, in order to clean up soil of excess nitrogen, and the soil will be good for beans for next yers sowing.

I actually hope all that nitrogen might be depleted by now, maybe there is still some hope for the plants ?

Is there anything I can do to repair the damage and have some beans this year ?

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Why do you think there will be no beans? I don't see why some fish fertilizer would be a show-stopper. Are your plants old enough and tall enough to be showing flower buds? If they're 6 feet or taller, check the leaf axils for young flower bud clusters. If they develop flowers, I would think they'll set bean pods. If the flower clusters are too immature, you may not be able to distinguish them from new vines, which also sprout from the leaf axils.
If it were me and those bean plants looked healthy, I'd lay off the fertilizer and let them grow.

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I would take my chances at this point. Maybe ther is enough P in the soil to support blooming and bean production. Nitrogen will give you lots of vine, but if P and K are available especially P which is essential to fruiting plants you may still get a bumper crop. At this stage I would only consider adding P ( phosphate) as a foliar feed, But I would probably just takes my chances. I am not one to make many mid stream corrections.

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