Free Indoor Lighting?

flawlessMay 27, 2006

How effective would this source be for indoor growing? A room full of Tubular Skyligts. Can anyone figure out how many would be needed for a 15'x 15' room?

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feldon30(N Houston (8))

Depends what you're growing. Do the plants require partial shade? If so, the indirect light you'll get might work.

You'll never get vegetables to grow in there. Vegetables need 6-10 hours of DIRECT sunlight a day.

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shrubs_n_bulbs(z8/9 UK)

Tricky thing with plants, they need 10-100 times as much light as we do! We can quite happily read in less than 100 foot-candles, whereas full sun plants need several thousand foot-candles to do well. You can grow them with maybe 1,000 foot-candles continuously for 14-16 hours each day, but lighting supplied through the lighting tubes would not achieve that. It would be more practical for low-light plants such as Ficus, Impatiens, Afrian Violets, or other typical houseplants.

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