Was it too wet this spring?

lceh(7)June 25, 2008

I have some asiatic lilies that have been gorgeous for a couple of years. Last year -- a drought year -- they were spectacular. This year, however, they have far fewer blooms, and one of them started losing its leaves from the bottom up. We had quite a wet spring -- is this related? I assumed the drainage was okay since they've done well for a couple of years, but maybe I'm wrong...?

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gardenfanatic(MO zone5b)

Based on what my lilies did in response to near record rainfall, sounds like it could be a possibility.

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Similar to my experience. Some of my asiatics lost their buds and the leaves got all twisted at the crown. Anyone know of anything to help the bulb for next year?

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In spite of the rains, mine are great, but my beds drain very well, too well sometimes. Where I amended the soil with peat and compost last year, those are fine.

The only ones not doing well are the Easter and Regals on the east side, they are under the overhang, didn't bloom worth a darn and lean so much I have to stake them. I think I need to give up there. Years ago my son treated the soil with something supposed to kill everything for 5 years. That could be part of the problem in that area plus a huge pink double crab is sucking nutrients out of the soil. Those I may have planted too deep according to something I read, fearing coons and squirrels would get them, not been a problem. The tips don't seem eaten at any stage but something has weakened them. Mixed in a tsp bone meal in the bottom when I planted, I guess you can scratch it in the soil from the surface, best wait until fall plus I'm afraid that near the surface will draw something. No deer probs so far but could show up. They are close by in the park and saw one down the street about 1-1/2 blocks crossing.

I've used Miracle Gro regular, Osmocote and more recently before it got too hot, did I get that far with the liquid kelp or not, can't remember, think so (waited too long if anything between apps). Sure seems to have helped the ones in front but too hot to apply as a foliar now.

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