Salvia with black spots!!!

frugalflowers(z4a)May 16, 2006

I have salvia seedlings started in my basement under lights. The plants look wonderful, however, I noticed last night that the plants are getting black spots on the edges of the leaves. The plants are 4 to 5 inches tall now. Most of the spots are on the lower leaves, but there are a few spots at the top too. It this too much water, too little, too much fertilizer, too little, etc? I also have over 300 impatiens growing, and they seem to be fine. All my plants look very healthy except for these new black spots. I went down to get some pictures of the spots, but my batteries in my camera needed charging. I will try to post some pictures later tonight.

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salvialvr(Utah Zone 6)

I grow about fifty different salvia species, and have seen black spots caused by a couple of different things. Most of the times it comes from too much moisture. I've seen this in seedlings and cuttings where I have left the humidity dome on the tray to long. the best cure for this is to increase the air circulation around the plants. I've also seen this happen if the plants get too dry Ie. wilted and almost to the point of becoming crispy.

If it's to much humidity then you may lose the affected leaves but the plant should survive as long as the black spots aren't on the stems. just increase the air flow and water from the bottom.

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