Do these lilies have virus?

erandr1June 2, 2007

Could someone please help me decide whether the pictured lilies have virus or not?

The first two pictures feature the same Stargazer lily. At the time when the stem was short, the leaves were of nice dark green color. But within the last couple of weeks the new growth was getting lighter and lighter, so now I'm concerned... I have taken both the picture of the tip and the stem because except for the light color, the plant itself looks strong. I wonder whether it will stay strong though...

On the last picture I have Gold Stargazer, which was put into the ground just 1.5 weeks ago. Its leaves now have long yellowish bands.

Is this a clear indication of a virus, or could it be because of the hot weather (every day last week we had temperatures like 85-90F, but lilies were regularly watered in the mornings).


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jeannejeanie(7 long island)

Dear erandr1,

I live in ny. the lilies i planted this year look exactly like yours. the ones that are next to them were established 4yrs ago & are very green. i think it's the weather. this happened to me before when i planted lilies in late may. i think they should be fine :) good luck .. jeanne

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They look chlorotic to me. I would feed them with Iron/Magnesium.

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Thanks, I watered the lilies with chelated iron yesterday night. If it's really chlorosis, they should come back to normal within a week.

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