100 degrees rest of week

valtorrez(6b)June 29, 2012

just looked at weather for next couple of days. It will be 100 plus degrees with no rain. I mine as well throw in the towel.

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Nah, you only need a towel if there's water. Deep water the root zones, flood the beds with the hose, let it soak in. Only use a sprinkler at
night and early morning. Take a nap in the afternoon, drink lots of water yourself. We have rain chances this week in Mo, do some rain dances!

Never give up!


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hah... yeah it sucks... it hit 110 degrees here in Southern Kentucky...a record high for the month of June... its ridiculous... of course I work in a print shop with no air conditioning either..I get home from a 12 hour shift today and, whats the first thing I do?
Let my dog out of the house and we check on my hostas!

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Oh yeah, it is ridiculous, and once upon a time I could stand it, but no more. Up in the day, as the house starts to feel a bit warmish, I go outside long enough to feel HOT and a bit sweaty, then come back inside and appreciate how cool it really is. Even my dachshund is running under the sprinkler and giving the squirrels a chase, but once her little black hide is nicely sprinkled, she stands at the back door ready to come in--I think she discovered a nice cold shower is a good way to deal with the heat.

Actually, I am planning an outdoor shower with the water being recycled to a gray water barrel for the plants. I'll have it big enough for washing parrot cages....talk about creatures who know how to enjoy a shower, it's a parrot!!!

And I remember how we cooled off as kids under the lawn sprinklers. I guess we can do it again, right? It's a good way to have fun without getting nekkid.

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gardenfanatic(MO zone5b)

Some of my hostas are already turning bright yellow like they do in the fall. I've been watering; I think the heat is just stressing them too much.

Definitely not my most triumphant gardening year...


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A lot of my hostas are shedding leaves,
one by one and there are a lot of crispy leaves going on everywhere, in spite of ample water. Heat burn, just like they were hit with a flame thrower. Just too damn hot.


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I have been watering every evening so that water can soak in and give plants time to recover. A skipped a day the other day to come home to guacomole with 2 yellow leaves and several others with crispy leaves. I am very proud of brim cup and fire and ice. Not wilting/yellow/crispy leaves.

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bernd ny zone5

We should ask the politicians to do something about the heat...

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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

Well,three days in a row here,101 Friday,103 yesterday,and 101 again today! That's a new record for the area,and definitely for me. People come up here from Florida every summer to get away from the Florida heat. Now they have to go back to Florida to cool off! Hehehe! No relief in sight,for me and the hostas,but I looked at them today,and they look amazingly well. There are some thundershowers today in the piedmont,and upstate SC,but nothing here. Phil

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Just seen our 7 day forecast, and we too, are going to be in the 100's all week. Sunday is only (

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Bernd if they would stop blowing hot air it would help!

Still hot here but this week promises to be a little better with temps below 100 and some clouds.....but few rain chances. The clouds would help to shade us from this blowtorch we call a sun, but there isn't one to be seen this morning. Nice breeze tho.


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