400 watt metal halide

rickdudlyMay 22, 2013

Not sure if I can post this or if its considered "advertising" but I have an industrial 400 watt metal halide light for sale. I used it for a hydroponics project a few years back and have 2 bulbs, one of which is used specifically for indoor growing, I can't remember the name off the top of my head but something like -------- deluxe. Basically I have the ballast which is put together, the hood or lamp shade equivalent and the two bulbs. It is a bit heavy but it did wonders for what i grew as i was a novice and turned out some beautiful flowers that grew in my closet to be at least 3 feet tall before i had to stop what i was doing due to my electric bill being just a bit high. I would estimate that the grow bulb has 1000 hours of use on it which is very little plus the other bulb has never been used. Everything is in superb condition and simply needs to be plugged in to use, so if interested let me know and we can talk. Thanks!

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