can I get my asiatics to bloom more?

shawnannJune 17, 2009

This is only my second year with my lilies. Last year they bloomed once at the beginning of summer and once in late summer early fall. Is there any way to get them to bloom more during the summer? Or go from one blooming to the next a little faster. They are soo pretty, I just want to see them more!

It seems like other lilies in the neighborhood are still blooming beautifully and mine are all done and buds are beginning to grow for the next time. It just took sooooo long last year before they bloomed again a second time! Is there anything I can do. Or is that it?

Thanks for your help!

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Lilies bloom once a year. There is no way to change this. If you want more Lilies blooming in your garden, choose different types: Asiatics, LA, Orienpets, Oriental, Trumpets, etc.
Lilies that bloomed at the beginnig of the summer and in late summer were just different Lilies. The same plant can't bloom twice during this period of time.

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so are these not asiatic lilies? See blog below, there are pics of the lilies. Cause last year they bloomed twice. And they are forming buds again now. They are all the same, I only have one kind.
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flora2b(z6a bc)

Hi Shawn Ann,
What I see is a lily leaf, most likely asiatic, with a spent bloom, that is going into seed production mode. The green ends will grow and swell, then dry out. I agree with lily to date can flower more than once in a season......they need vernalization (a cold spell) in order to flower again.
If you want to have bigger, better flowers next year, cut these green seed heads off and let the energy go into the bulbs.
Some varieties do flower longer than others, but all only do it once a year.
Is it possible that you had babies from the main batch of bulbs that just took longer to come into bloom?

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I'm not sure. I will be watching them, cause I swear those buds rebloomed last year. And we don't have cold spells in the middle of summer here. This will definitely be a learning experience for me. I even asked my husband just to make sure I wasn't dreaming that they bloomed twice last year. Maybe it wasn't the exact same stems that bloomed. But it seemed like I remember the petals falling off just as they have now, and then those buds swelled up and bloomed again. I could be very wrong. Like I said. I will be watching and paying close attention and see what happens. I didn't know then what I know now, and wasn't paying as close attention as I am now.
I am rather disappointed that they may not bloom again now like they did last year! I was hoping for more blooms!

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My sister in-law received an easter lily last year for easter. I remember her calling me around the end of June last year telling me it was blooming again. I told her no way lilies only bloom once a year. I was tempted to buy an easter lily this year just to see if it would rebloom but didn't. Her's didn't make it thru the winter so no way to tell if the odd occurance would happen again.

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Florists treat Lilies with chemicals (to prolong their blooming, to shorten stems, etc.). This might cause odd behavior. Anyway, new stems can't grow during this short period of time from the same bulbs. Probably, other bulbs in the same pot sent new shoots later. Usually, florist Lilies either die or get very weak after the first year. Planted in the garden, they will bloom in schedule (and once a year of course!).

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

I agree, those Asiatic lilies could not possibly have bloomed twice. Just not going to happen. Those are seed pods that are forming now, not new buds.

I have had a potted Easter lily grow an entirely new stem and bloom again for me, once. Then it died. The bloom was only one or two buds, I can't remember. I've had more than one grow stems but not bloom. This was after they bloomed for Easter, didn't sell so I brought them home and planted them.
I have brought home and planted many potted lilies over the years and Easter lilies are the only ones who have grown new stems the same season. They were really short but they were new.

FYI, it isn't the florists who treat the lilies with growth retardants it is the wholesale growers.

(I was a florist for over twenty years)

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