Wanting info on lights

NattyNateJune 8, 2012

I wanted to build a little grow room for some Bhut Jolokia peppers. The room would be roughly 4x4x2 pvc wrapped in mylar and some sorta lights. I would like to spend around $100 on light. What is the best bang for my buck?

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you would have to go bargain hunting for clearance items, very hit and miss, and i think u are unlikely to find anything for that price. u will have to save up some money -
unfortunately HID lighting is a high tech product, u need a lamp, a reflector, and a ballast - u can save some money by using a reflectorized lamp, such as from HTG supply, the lamp is about 40$ (this is for HPS), but u need a ballast, cord, etc, and 200$, check out the HTG website, that place is as cheap as it gets.

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