When to pick shelling peas...

heirloomjunkie(5a)June 17, 2010

I have some Burpee shelling peas that are popping out everywhere (late, I know). They seem to be doing quite well, but I'm not sure when they are ripe to pick, and don't know how to cook/prepare/preserve them. Guess I should have thought about that before now... :)

Any suggestions?


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do what I do. eat them.


When they are mature, pick them, shell them, steam them for about 3 minutes, and eat them.


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anney(Georgia 8)

If you hold the pods up to the light, you'll be able to see how large the peas are. What variety of shelling peas are you growing? There should be information online about how large the peas will be for optimal eating if you can't tell yourself.

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When the pods have filled out. If you let them go too long they will get starchy. You can pick the as soon as they shell easily. Lots of ways to eat English peas. Lightly boiled with butter is my favorite.

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Thanks, guys!

Another thing, any idea why my peas are getting yellow/ dried leaves at the bottom? The middle and tops seem to be doing just fine, but the bottoms are looking kind of sickly. I did plant them a little late this year.


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cabrita(9b SoCal)

Mine always get yellow leaves at the bottom, I think it is normal. The plants look healthy otherwise, so I don't worry about it. Pick you peas when they are completely filled out but before the husks get leathery or rough and discolor. They should still be bright green and fat, with a smooth texture. The peas get all crowded inside. Looking at them with a strong light is a good suggestion.

The ones that you missed and that get browner and with rough husks you can use for seed next year!

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