growing herbs under lights

millieon(zone 6a)June 14, 2012


I would like to grow mint and rosemary herbs under gro lights in the basement. Is there a ready made shelf with lights available that can be purchased at a reasonable price??

Thank you.


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Seems the Aerogarden is pretty popular and available at most box stores and garden centers. This would allow any bench or table to serve as the shelving. Not sure how cost effective it is though.

Have you tried some simple shelf systems such as planks and concrete blocks? I use those with ratcheting lights hooks and it works great for very little money.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Indoor Growing Adventure

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I prefer a Fluorescent, its produce three times more light than luminous bulbs for same amount of energy. They are the most reasonably priced lights for indoor gardening. The color of lights produced by the bulb is resolved by phosphor coating which is inside the bulb.

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If you have a large enough space in your basement then go for the AeroGarden, if not go for the Power Plant Pro.

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What are the plants going to be growing in? How many plants?
I wouldn't recommend the Aerogarden (unless you don't like gardening). It's very small, and you can do something similar that will work better.
What is the space like that you're growing in? If it's a closet-like space, use a closet rod and some chain to hang your lights. If you've got the cash, there are devices that replace the chains to make raising the lights easier.
If you're doing hydroponics, hang your lights, and always keep electricity above water so that you don't kill yourself if something leaks.
If you don't have lights yet, you can grow very easily with some fluorescent lights. CFL or tubes can both work well, but which you choose depends on your setup as fluorescents have to be very close to your plants to be effective. Many small plants = tubes. Taller plant(a) CFLs. Don't forget to buy reflectors for the CFLs!

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