'Montana White' Lily

lucygreenthumbJune 27, 2007

Hi again,

A local nursery has an oriental lily called Montana White for sale. They have no info on it except for the height 2-3 feet and a picture which looks very much like Casa Blanca. The plants they have aren't blooming yet - so I have no idea what they really look like or if they're fragrant.

Does anyone have any experience with this lily they can share? I'm very tempted but would love to know more about it.


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I grew oriental lily 'Montana' several years ago but lost it to a particularly harsh winter. It made me sad because it was my favorite oriental lily. If I remember correctly, it had larger flowers than 'Casa Blanca', and they were a pristine white with a bright yellow throat and lots of deep purple-red spots. Very fragrant as well. It also had very tall stems with more flowers per stem than any oriental I've ever grown--so many that it becamse top-heavy and usually needed staking, though it was well worth the extra effort.

I think that the word "white" after the cultivar 'Montana' was for descriptive purposes and not part of the name.

Lily 'Montana' is very hard to come by and I have not been able to replace mine. If you do purchase it and decide in the future that you'd be interested in trading, I'd jump at the chance!


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