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tkiemoJune 27, 2012

New to this sight . I have over 40 hostas but I have 9 from years ago that I have no idea what they are. I have been looking at the HL and think that #7 may be Lancifolia and #5 Abiquade Delight. Any help identifying these were be apprecaited.










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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

Pic #1 not sure maybe Ginko Craig
Pics 2&3 Undulata univitata
Pics 3&4 Blue Cadet (I assume this is more blue earlier in the Spring)
Pics 5&6 Undulata erromena (if it blooms in July with purple flowers, if white flowers in August it's Royal Standard)
Pics 7&8 Fortunei Aureomarginata
Pics 9&10 Undulata Albomarginata
Pics 11&12 Lancifolia
Pics 13&14 Not sure. Are those flowers fragrant?
Pics 15&16 Golden Tiara

It really is easier for us if you post 2 or 3 per thread. That way it reduces confusion scrolling up and down and allows for others to correct all the mistakes that I made :~).


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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

The first one is Stiletto.

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thisismelissa(z4a-S Twin Cities MN)

yeah, too many on 1 thread.

1. Ginko Craig... almost positive

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13/14 is probably elegans

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#8 (full leaf pic) looks to have some coloring along the veins that may be virus.

#1 I'm guessing stiletto.


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Thanks much for your help. Maybe I will re-post only with 2 or 3 per post with the information you have provided.

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Pieter zone 7/8 B.C.

I'm with Paul and hosta freak, that's 'Stiletto' in the first shot.


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#1 is Stiletto
#2 is Undulata Univittata
#3 ? - seems too corrugated for Blue Cadet to me, so I'm not sure
#4 ?
#5 Hosta Virus X infected Fortunei Aureomarginata
#6 Undulata Albomarginata
#7 Lancifolia
#8 Blue Angel (definitely)
#9 Golden Tiara

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Yeah I agree with ctopher...too corrugated for blue cadet... And the big blue could very well be blue angel... We all know how much elegans can vary...

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i would put money on steve ...

basically.. you have the top 9 MOST COMMON HOSTA.. sold in the last 35 years ... all sold as 'collections' from bulb companies.. and until recently [since 9 years ago.. when you got them] .. the only ones sold by bigboxstore ...

where did you get them 9 years ago???? am i close???

and that is why your guess of abiqua delight is probably off.. since i doubt it was ever sold in mass volume... [but i could be wrong]

whatever.. you have a nice base collection...

are you open to enabling?? .. we are pretty good at it.. lol ..

welcome.. come back often..


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Ken adrian
I believe I got some of these from my mother well over ten years ago. A couple I may have bought from the local nursery and just did not keep the tag. The last 7 years or so I now keep the labels and keep a layout of the gardens so I know where things are. Thanks all for your help. IF I can't identify them I guess I will just keep calling them Big Green or Green with yellow edge. I may even replace some of them with newer varieties.

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Don't know where they went, but every picture above #8-9 disappeared from the thread, not even shown as removed.

But my comment is about #1 anyway......I really like your Stiletto, it is a well behaved hosta small as it is, growing nicely between two larger plants yet holding its own. If I ever put more in the ground, I think Stiletto will be one of them, based on the way yours looks.

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I am almost positive #1 is Stiletto. My Ginko Craig has larger and more ovate leaves. The virtual continuation of the petiole into the blade and continuation of white variegation, the leaf dimensions exactly match my Stiletto.

I also had in mind exactly as Chris listed 5 - 9 before I read his reply (except I didn't pick up the HVX-I wasn't looking for it. It is my affliction for not walking and chewing bubble-gum at the same time).


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