What are these blue butterbeans?

tigereducatorJune 22, 2011

Hi all - long time user, off and on the forums. I run a cooking blog and wanted to feature these butter beans I grew up eating - they turn blue when cooked. I don't remember my grandfather growing them on a pole, I believe they were bush beans. Can anyone help me? I have included two images. One before cooking and one after. Thanks!



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Looks like the page you're looking for has been moved or had its name changed. Or maybe it's just fate. You could use the search box in the header to search for what you're looking for, or begin again from the home page.

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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

Black-seeded beans can be blue when harvested as ripe shellies. I've even grown a pole wax bean that had that color as a shelly (didn't try it cooked). My best guess for a blue shelly though, without seeing a photo, would be the heirloom pole variety "Blue Shackamaxon".

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Oops! Here are better links. I should have also put that I live in South Carolina.


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Jackson's Wonder. Altho I describe the cooked color of green shellies as slate grey.

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