cypert2June 26, 2008

Picked a big mess of cowpeas today. Myrtles, Mississippi Silver Hull and Mayo Colima all are ripe with several other varieties close behind. 70 days from seed.

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How do you fix your cowpeas?

Any ideas on how the Mayo Colima got it's name? I am only wondering, because I have been to the State and city of Colima in Mexico and it is not close to Sinaloa, Mexico where they say this cowpea originated.


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We simply cover the peas with water, add salt, pepper, and piece of bacon, and a little sugar and boil till tender. Have no idea how Mayo Colima peas got their name.

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If I remember correctly when Bakers Creek first offered the Mayo Colima, they stated that the seed was collected at a market in Colima Mexico. About the origin of cowpeas. Cowpeas also known as field peas, blackeyed peas, cream peas, crowder peas, are all the same family and originated in Asia, were widely grown in North Africa and brought to the new world by the slave trade as food for the laborers. Rodger

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OK I checked BC site and they say Mayo Colima were"collected from the low desert of Los Capomos, Sinola, Mexico, from a Mayo village.

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