julieann_growJune 4, 2008

Wow, I just ate my first edamame...good!! Wondered if they would grow through the heat of summer like the aspargus beans will? Or is it too hot?

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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

There have been similar questions recently, some on other forums. One that I can recall was from someone in Florida, another from Hawaii, both wanting to grow soybeans. If you search this forum for "soybean maturity group" you will find some interesting discussions.

I collect soybeans, and grow a lot of them... but my climate is very far from tropical. The truth is though, soybeans had to be bred to grow this far North. They originated in tropical & sub-tropical regions.

The USDA divides soybeans into 13 "Maturity Groups": 000 being the earliest (can be grown in Canada) followed by 00, 0, then the Roman numerals I through X (X is tropical). If you were to examine the USDA's collection of soybean varieties, there are many tropical & sub-tropical varieties. There are SSE members in Hawaii which grow soybeans.

Chances are that if you speak to your local Extension, you might be able to find soy cultivars that will prosper in your environment. But if you are looking for edamame types, your best bet might be some of the varieties imported by Asian seed companies. You might have to experiment with planting dates... but soybeans should succeed almost anywhere.

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