Deformed lily?

eigdeh(z6 NJ)June 26, 2006


Actually I just listed this message in the perennial forum before noticing this forum.

I got some new lilies and honestly most of the flowers look deformed. Out of the 12 or so flowers now open only 2 look normal.

There are extra pedals and they are attached to the filaments, though not all. The extra pedals are deformed in shape.



I have in the past seen lilies that had 3 sets of pedals and they looked beautiful. Actually I would love to find out where to buy them. These just look ugly!

Anyone know what is going on? Should I pull them out?



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Your lily is trying to be a double! That could be a good feature in a trumpet lily. Save the pollen, please. Hybridizers look for this kind of thing and I'm one of them. Though the flower looks ugly to you, it looks beautiful to me, or anyone looking for that trait.


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eigdeh(z6 NJ)

Thanks Lainey!

Do doubles usually have a hard time doubling in the first year? In other words is there a chance that these will be full doubles next year or is this the extent of the double I should expect?

When I was a kid my neighbor had lilies that were tripled! She had a beautiful garden. When she sold the house she left her very nice garden and asked the new owner to at least leave the garden for a year to see what he had. Sure enough he didn't. I was upset to say the least. Even if I knew in advance, there was little I probably could have done since I was living with my parents at the time.

If you want some pollen let me know, actually let me know soon. There is only one or two unopened lilies at this point and rain is in the forcast.


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Hi Ken,

What you have is a double-flowered cultivar called 'Sphinx'.

The doubles can be extremely variable, but with proper selection and evaluation, the most stable are propagated for the market. Many double Asiatic cultivars such as 'Aphrodite', The Kiss series, 'China', etc. were selected from varieties that have a tendancy to double. 'Sphinx' is actually a nice cultivar because it is vigorous and healthy all around once you begin to appreciate the deformation. hehe

A few singles pop up here and there, but if you'll notice, the filaments simply failed to "flatten out" into tepals and pollen will almost be absent.

I hope this helps!


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grammahony(ECentral NEz5)

I think they're beautiful. I'll have to look on line for some.

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