Repeat Blooming Asiatic Lilies?!?!?!?

fivemurfs(6.5 TN)June 17, 2009

Someone from a nursery told a friend of mine that if she cut back her lilies to a certain node they would repeat bloom. I told her I thought this sounded like nonsense, but I would ask the question of those in the know.

Is there any truth to this?

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Sounds like nonsense to me too.

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persiancat_gardener(z8 O’burg, scarolina)

Well, my question is ---my lilies are setting little brown
bubblets on top of where the bloom was. These little bubblets are sending out small green blades? Is this new bulb or what? Should I let it grow and then plant it out for next year??????

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fivemurfs(6.5 TN)

Persiancat, curiosity would force me to let it grow so I could see what happens.

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leftwood(z4a MN)

Your little brown bubblets (bulblets) are bulbils, growing in the axils of leaves (where the leaf meets the stem). Essentially, they are little bulbs growing in the air. They will not produce blooms up there, but you can plant them and produce an exact copy of the lily it came from.

A lily reblooming in the manner you speak of is nonsense. There will be reblooming lilies coming into the market soon, but they rebloom because they produce additional stems that initiate multiple times during the growing season, not just in the spring. Hence, a sprout that comes up in mid June will bloom later than one that emerges in early May, and so you get "reblooming" from the same plant (but two separate stems).

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Once a year at a show or sale, a member of the public will tell me about a reblooming lily. I just nod and smile and say "hey that's nice!" but I suspect they are talking about daylilies since "rebloomers" are part of the daylily world.

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Lots of people confuse lilies () with daylilies (). No true lily reblooms, but there are some daylilies that do.

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