fluorescent fixtures, ballasts and safe circuit capacity

ezgrower(z5 IL)June 27, 2006

A simple (I hope) question arising out of my limited knowledge of ballasts in fluorescent light fixtures . . .

In determining the load that a fluorescent fixture contributes on a circuit, does the ballast figure in? That is, the load from 36 40W bulbs would just meet the safe "constant use" (80%) threshhold on a 15A circuit, but what about the ballasts in the fixtures? If ballasts make a contribution, where is the information to calculate it?

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Here is the extra power consumed by the ballasts. These figures are per each bulb:

Magnetic Ballast(40w) = 6.0 watts
Electronic Ballast Rapid Start (32w) = 3.5 watts
Electronic Ballast Instant Start (32w) = 2.5 watts


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Also, the amps that the ballast draws is always printed on the ballast case. In the case of the HD Sunpark ballasts, it's 1.0 amp. And that's probably a maximum figure at startup.

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