Tiger llilies....nothing !!

mchad21June 10, 2008

Planted some tiger lily bulbs in various places in the garden in mid/late April. No growth. Nothing. The planting areas would be considered partial sun, as they get afternoon shade. IÂve got dozens of other lilies growing there; Asiatics, trumpets, orientalsÂbut nothing from the tiger lilies.

At the time of planting, almost all of the had the initial stalk formed and growing about 3 inches from the bulb. I took great care not to damage it during planting. I did dig one up (sacrificed it) to see if it was damaged, and it wasnÂt, but it was about 3 times the size from when I planted it. So it was growing, I guess.

My thought is that because I planted them so late in the season, they will bloom next yearÂ? I also planted some other lily bulbs late, and they are not doing anything either.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks !!


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I had the same situation last year. I put in three bulbs
in late spring (O.T. Luminaries) The whole summer I only
got stalks about 1 1/2ft on two of them (no blooms) Now,
all three of them are coming on like gangbusters. Must
have re-set their internal clock. Love the new Tiger lilies.

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