Do stargazers stand up straight?

socksJune 24, 2009

I planted the Stargazer 2 years ago, and it has bloomed, but I'm not sure if it's ok in its location. It is now over 7' tall and has fallen forward across the flower bed. I had to put a stake in the ground to prop the end up so it does not lay down to the ground. It has 8 buds. Is that an average number of buds?

I would call the location "partial shade," getting a few hours of sun in the morning.

Obviously I don't know a lot about lilies, so thanks for any help.

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Are you sure that you have Stargazers? Stargazer is an Oriental Lily. The average height is 3-4'. I've never seen them much taller than 4'. Definitely not 7'. Can you post pictures?

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Hi Alina, thanks for posting. Here's a picture of the lily. I just assumed it was Stargazer but don't really know. You can see where I have it propped up with a stick; otherwise it would be lying on the ground. It's grows from the back of a shade garden, so maybe it grows so long reaching for sun?

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Probably reaching for the sun and probably not 'Stargazer' as they aren't this tall even in shade but many Oriental Hybrid Lilies look similar to Stargazer and many think they are all Stargazer. :) A nice stake will work wonders. I have the same problem in my yard that doesn't get full sun.

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