Lilies browning from very top...

gardenmama613(4a)June 18, 2012

I have several Lilies throughout my yard, I usually have no troubles with my Lilies at all. I planted a new pack of bulbs I picked up at a big box store in the spring for a new garden I made this year. They started growing fast, but then suddenly their tops started to brown. All 4 of the Lilies I planted from bulbs this year have had this problem, one is completely brown now, 2 look like the top picture in my photo, and 1 seems to have recovered itself. I now discovered 2 more Lilies in another garden are browning at the top. The brown seems to keep working its way down the stem until it kills it completely. I can't seem to find any photos of Botrytis that look like my problem, but it's the only thing even remotely close that I've found googling. Is that what's happening or is it something else? Thanks!


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I also have this problem this year. I ascribe it to Bortrytis. Some of the lilies were freshly planted. Perhaps the fact that the roots are not fully developed , contributes to their reduced resistance. The late frost we had was not helpful either. Trumpet lilies are particularly vulnarable. If the bulb is not rotten, it should return next year. Some of mine which had this problem last year returned.

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marquest(z5 PA)

It has happened to a lot of mine this year also. We did not get our usual Spring it was hot and dry. Followed by extreme heat and dry. It has happened before. Let them build up energy from the leaves do not cut them down they will come back next year. Will probably be bigger because they did not use the energy to bloom this year.

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Thanks for the replies. If the affected lilies go the route of the bottom lily in my picture, I will lose a total of 6 Lilies, all but 1 of my newest round of lilies is affected.


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