Height of Tom Pouce, Muscadet, Marco Polo?

gardenfanatic(MO zone5b)June 27, 2006

In your personal experience, how tall do these lilies get? Thanks,


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hld6(z7 MD)

Hi Gardenfanatic,

Muscadet is a relatively short Oriental but not a dwarf or miniature (like Mona Lisa). The Muscadet I have are budded out and close to (but under) 3 feet. My mother's Muscadet are similar. Most of my Orientals are 4'-5'.

I have a pale pink Oriental "Aruba" that is very similar to Marco Polo. Aruba is a taller than normal Oriental. Sellers that list the other Orientals at 4' give it a height of 5'. Mine regularly reach six feet tall. John Scheepers/Van Engelen have it for sale this Fall if you were looking for a tall plant.

Heights listed are for mature established bulbs and even then differ with garden conditions (some obvious, like sun and moisture, others unknown) and vagaries of a particular year's season. Heck, I have "Siberia" at two different ends of a long bed. One set is doing great and is over 4.5' tall, the other is struggling with no obvious cause. So, go figure. I'll probably dig them up add more soil amendments (peat moss) and hope that does the trick


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Muscadet is suppose to be between 25 to 30" tall. Mine is around 30". Tom Pounce is suppose to be between 36 to 48" tall & mine is 36". I think size has to do with how much they like the soil they are in. Some of my lilies are much taller than they are suppose to be.

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