what kind of lights are best?

love2garden-nc(7)June 24, 2012

I am starting seeds inside for the first time-trying broccoli first to plant out for a fall crop. My husband bought me a simple florescent grow light at walmart. the package says it puts out 75watts-it is a 24inch setup. the back of the package says it is 120v 60hz 17w 300mA. will this give out enough light? If not what kind of light should I buy, preferably something I can purchase from Lowe's or Walmart. I don't need anything elaborate-just a simple,basic setup. how close do I put the light to the seedlings? thanks for any advice to get me on the right track.

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I use 48" shop lights from Lowe's or Home Depot. They're cheap. That 24" light isn't strong enough. There are bulbs that are 6,000 mA, that's what you need for house plants. I got them at one of the stores above.

Put the lights about 6" from the seedlings and you may need to mist them or water more if they dry out.

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make sure it is not the energy saving fixture, and that it runs at the full 32W per tube (total 64watt). The seedlings can almost touch the lamp. Get them as close as possible.

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