Asiatic Lily Plantings

alana001June 1, 2008

I have a large oval shaped perennial bed in front, and after a year of living here, I've decided to weed out everything and plant lilies. I bought 8 beautiful yellow Asiatic lilies yesterday, but after thinking about the area, I wonder if they will do well in afternoon sun? How should I plant them (group them, I mean)and what are some good companion plants? Also, there is so much weeding to do, I wonder if it will be okay to plant them in a few days if it takes me that long to get the bed ready?


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If they don't get full sun, they tend to lean.

I kept mine in the fridge in their box for a week or more, they looked iffy by the time I planted them, but 8 out of 10 came up in a little over a week, was I surprised. I sprayed them with Liquid Fence.

You can stake them. I have many on the south side of my house, and the only ones that are growing absolutely straight get absolutely full sun. I mulched them. Don't forget to stir in a tsp of bone meal with the soil in the bottom of the planting hole like I did my most recent ones. That will give them a good start.

Don't plant them on top of bone meal without mixing it. It can burn the roots.

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