Pole Beans failing

philpharmerJune 6, 2008

Put 8-10 Kentucky Wonder seeds in a large container two weeks ago. Germination went great and as of last weekend all 10 were up and growing like crazy. I thinned a couple out to give them some breathing space. All of a sudden all the leaves, secondary not the seed leaves, have started to wilt or dry up from the edges inward and then they are just failing one at a time. We have had a lot of rain and wind but the container is well drained. I used a commercial garden soil to fill the container so I hope there wasn't anything in the soil to cause this to happen. Thanks in advance.

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Did you thin by cutting the beans or did you pull them up?

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Sorry didn't make it back right away. I thinned by pulling, soil was still lose enough to get the whole thing.

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You might have disturbed the root systems of the other beans by pulling. I will take a pair of scissors and clip those I want thinned.

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Mine are doing great in 3 gallon containers, 4 to the pot. They are blooming now but no beans yet. I water mine twice a day and fertilize(2dips/gallon, one quart per pot) every other day with 25%N Miracle grow. Sounds like a lot of watering and fertilizer but they are looking good and I arrived at these amounts by trial and error, almost loosing them in the effort.

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