soil pH requirements?

Juliana63(z5 MI)June 22, 2006

Do Asiatic and Oriental Lilies have differing pH requirements? A client today insisted that one of them prefers acid and the other basic -- but she didn't remember which went where. I had not heard of this, mine all grow happily in slightly basic soil. Also, she wanted a definite way to tell them apart if not labeled by the nursery (and not flowering...) Any opinions?


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hld6(z7 MD)

Hi Juliana,

Orientals and Asiatic lilies prefer somewhat acidic soil as do most other lilies. But many lilies are tolerant of basic soil (and other non-ideal garden conditions). Most lilies (especially hybrids) are not very fussy plants. An exception to that is Lilium Candidum (the Madonna Lily) which must have basic soil.

The University of Massachusetts has a page on potted hybrid lilies:

"For Asiatic hybrids pH should be maintained at 6.5 and for Oriental hybrids, pH should be 6.5 to 6.8."

As for telling Asiatics and Orientals apart there are a couple recent threads on that topic. When they're not flowering it's tough, but a freshly dug Oriental will have a very distinctive yellow colored bulb.


Here is a link that might be useful: Production of Hybrid Lilies as Pot Plants

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Juliana63(z5 MI)

Thanks, Helen. I'll pass the info along.


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hi i have purchased 7 white lily plants. i am a 77year old novice and i have ph of 7 for 2 plants, ph of 5-6 for 3 plants and ph4-5 2 plants...which do i need to correct.

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