pics of lily blooms 6-10 thru june

cheerpeopleJune 29, 2008
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Enjoyed pictures... Is the trench where you are going to plant more lilies??(haha!)

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The trench IS a new lily bed I put in this March!. See it with the bags of lily bulbs placed on it after I made it a raised bed? We put a layer of sand under. And loam soil on top. I need good drainage for some of the bulb I selected. Unfortunately I didn't get the pics loaded in order.


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hostaholic2 z 4, MN

Very nice. Many of mine are just to starting to show color.

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Where do you find all of the variety of bulbs, and when is it the best time to plant the bulbs? I am in zone 5 so maybe mine is different than yours.

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Hi D giffin,
Some of the bulbs are from GW trades, some purchased locally but the selection is poor, most are from a buying co-op with GW member woodthrush.

I am the same as you- I'm zone 5.

I plant them as soon as I get them- spring, summer or fall. Spring is probably optimal.

I just added a few more new pics-


Here is a link that might be useful: all the lily blooms thru 7/2

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