Help identifying garden bean disease?

gingerierJune 13, 2014

Hello! It's my first time growing anything, and I've started a rooftop container garden (I live in an apartment with no yard/garden space) with a few veggies. Quite a few of my garden bean plants seem to have diseased leaves, and I was wondering if anyone had any insight to what the problem might be? I did a little bit of research and thought it might be Common Bean Mosaic Virus, but I don't have any experience. At first I thought maybe the leaves were just being eaten by something, but it looks like they're wilting pretty bad too. Thanks for any help!

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I'm no expert, first of all.. I don't think it's bean mosaic virus because I thought the same thing last year with my lima beans and it turned out they were normal. I'm thinking maybe mites. I had an infestation of mites and aphids this year and my bean leaves looked kind of like the first three on your pic.. I'm not experienced to know if it was anything else.

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