aquawise(zone 4 Utah)September 16, 2010

I got my Schreiners order today. WOW! so fast. I sent it on the first of the month and I got them today. Plus 2 freebies. I am so "HAPPY"!!!!!

Brazilian Holiday

Foreign Legion


Rare Treat


free ones,

Burst of Joy

Diamond Lake

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Nancy zone 6

Ooh, you got some nice ones! You got a couple that are on my wish list, & the others would have been if I had seen them before :) I like the bold, two toned iris. Your freebies are nice too.

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

Lots of dramatic irises there! I just love Brazilian Holiday.

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aquawise(zone 4 Utah)

Most I have are self or pastels I wanted to add some drama to the new bed. I was amazed at how fast they got her and how "BIG" the plants were. I will for sure got Iris from them again. "FANTASTIC" people.

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bari26(6 (Cape Cod))

One thing about Schreiners irises: they are the most expensive you can possibly find out there.... even half price, they cost too much.... I can't see myself ever buying anything from them, big rhizomes or not....

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They cost alot but in my exp. with Shrieners they are worth it. I have never had one of thier iris not start getting increases the first season they are planted and I almost always get blooms the first spring. Unlike other small rysoms I have received where I have to wait at least three years for increases or blooms. I think the price is a bargen for the fast increases and fast blooms. Alot of mine have arrived with increases already on them and the increases them selves have bloomed the first spring as well as the parent plant. I had that happen this year with 4 out of 6 of my Shriener iris I bought last year. Just be aware that you might have to stake the plant the first year because of getting them in the ground so late. The large bloom might pull the plant over. As much as I love Shreiners iris I have to say their catolog pics arent always true to color . Enjoy your beatiful blooms next spring you picked some really pretty ones.

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aquawise(zone 4 Utah)

I have ordered from Spring hill, Brecks, ebay, ect. I can tell you "NONE" can compare!!!! The most I paid from schrieners was $7.50. Ebay is every bit that much and I did not get the ones I bid on and some have yet to bloom. This is my first time with schrieners and I am "VERY" Pleased. I will order again, Seems to me you get what you pay for.

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Nancy zone 6

I have ordered from Springhill & Brecks before, never again. I'd rather have them from a box store. I've always heard Schreiners has nice rhizomes.

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bari26(6 (Cape Cod))

When you order from most (at least most) of the professional growers who advertise in the American Iris Society Bulletin, you will usually large rhizomes that tend to bloom the first year. When you order from the catalogs like Spring Hill, not so much. I got some real junk from Royal Bulbs (but they had an iris I really wanted and it did bloom the second year). Spoon's Winterberry Gardens and Paul Black and Tom Johnson's MidAmerica Gardens have large rhizomes with increase evident when you receive them. I just received some rhizomes from Gilbert Wild (a DayLily for the most part catalog) and, admittedly, they were not the largest rhizomes I ever saw.... but what I ordered (or the reason I ordered) was Going My Way, which I totally ordered because it looks similar to Stepping Out, which is what I wanted, but wouldn't pay Schreiner's prices.... we'll see whether I get any bloom next year.... who knows, with all your recommendations, maybe I will have to order something from Schreiner's next year.... (oh, I'd never order from E-bay! Have already seen countless horror stories on this board about that, but it would never cross my mind to order from e-bay, anyway)

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well bari, I did bid on & win quite a few iris from ebay sellers. the iris I got were all awesome. there were a couple that were smaller, but the sellers all added extras in the boxes to make up for the size. ebay is a great place to get new iris from. the sellers all do a great job of putting inexpensive iris up for bids. try it, you may be quite surprised.

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

There are some very good sellers on Ebay, according to iris folks on this forum. You just have to know who to buy from. I have heard that tntigger is excellent, for instance. There are others who are scammers, so you have to do your research. I would check here first.

I buy from many different sellers. Schreiner's has nice big rhizomes, and so do most of the Oregon and California growers. I don't buy irises that cost more than ten bucks, and I don't buy large quantities, so for me the shipping costs are a consideration that makes Schreiner's competitive. There's also the problem of supply: it took me three years to get my order in before BlueJ was sold out of the irises I wanted. I finally ordered on January 1 this year and got all of the ones I had been pining for.

I would not recommend purchasing irises from Spring Hill or any other outfit that does not specialize in irises/daylilies. Carlos has an outstanding list of iris growers on his website where he tells you a bit about the operation.


Here is a link that might be useful: Carlos' web page with links to growers

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aquawise(zone 4 Utah)

I had an order from spring hill. I waited and waited AND waited. Finally I emailed them "Where is mt Iris"!!!!!!!
"OH"they said they are on back order!! I was so mad. I said cancel the order NOW! I do not want them now! I will be to late here to plant them. Never again from them.

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bari26(6 (Cape Cod))

I think Renee has a point about the West Coast growers having large rhizomes. Certainly the largest rhizomes I've ever gotten came from Paul Black's MidAmerica garden in Oregon. Even the rhizomes for the sdb's were larger than some tb rhizomes I've received from elsewhere.... problem for me is that MidAmerica prices are high also.... Anyway, there must be something in the growing conditions on the west coast that allow for the huge growth of the rhizomes.... certainly not having to deal with borers helps (not the size, though....)

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