LED - grow shelf replacement

OKgrowinJune 28, 2014

I wanted a led setup for my grow shelf that used less power and provided better growth for my plants. Problem with most retail led systems i see they cost a lot... So i made a diy.

1. low energy - 70 watts per 4x2x2 area (half of 4 bulb t8, third of 4 bulb t5)
2. low maintenance - emiters have 50,000 hour life (10,000-20,000 t8, t5)
3. low cost - 60$ per 4x2x2 area(30$ a fixture x2) cheaper than retail led systems, still more than t8 / t5 but after you factor in 1 + 2 it's cheaper.

heres an instructables link with pics on how i made it.

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