Can anyone explain this??

jennyzone5(6)June 4, 2013

I have had a horrible time with buying Asiatic Lilies that end up blooming something other than what they were purchased as.

I planted this particular Lily about 4yrs ago. Every year it has bloomed a solid pink - until now. This year it finally showed me it IS what I originally purchased, but I've forgotten what its name was now, threw away the ID years ago when it seemed to be incorrect.

I'm looking for an ID, and hopefully an explanation why it has always bloomed a solid pink (and a much lighter pink) until now.

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I beleive your lily is called 'Rosella's Dream' It would have been available in good supply commercially a few years ago. It's color has a tendancy to vary quite a bit depending on weather and soil condition. And I don't just mean current weather either--weather a couple weeks preceeding blooming can have an effect. Even two different locations in your yard can make a difference with Rosella's Dream. I have two clumps of them growing at opposite corners of my property. They bloom a few days apart and their color, although nice pink, is never exactly the same. Very nice lily, regardless!

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I looked it up and the Rosella's Dream pictures I'm seeing don't include the spots mine have. It's really interesting to me that the weather could cause a flower to bloom completely different like that, good info!

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More Googling leads me to believe it may be a Royal Sunset. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

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Royal Sunset is a blending of gold, orange and red, much like a tropical sunset on a South Pacific island and does not have the black spots. I have Royal Sunset also.

My Rosella's Dream has about half as many black spots as your picture shows, so maybe yours IS something else (but pictures I see posted on other forums that I belong to) do show the black spots on Rosella's Dream. Perhaps height might be a clue. Both my Rosella's Dream and Royal Sunset get abot 30 inches high. Does yours get that tall? If not, than it is neither Rosella's Dream nor Royal Sunset.

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Jennyzone5: I am very sorry, but I had the spots associated with the wrong plant. They ARE on Royal Sunset--not on Rosella's Dream. Here are close up pictures of mine. I guess I can only upload one at a time. This one is Royal Sunset.

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This one is Rosella's Dream. At this point, I'm not totally convinced your plant is Royal Sunset either--the buds are too green and there are too many black spots. Hopefully, someone else has a suggestion for other choices as to what it might be.

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These particular blooms are on a shorter plant but what I believe is the original bulb is maybe 20" give or take?

This location gets shade half the day so I suspect they may be shorter than they would be in a true full sun location.

Picture is of the same plant not zoomed in. The shade it's getting in the picture is from other Asiatics planted next to it. I plan to relocate the whole lot to a sunnier location at the end of the Summer.

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pardalinum(z8 PNW)

Jenny, your lily is very likely the dwarf Asiatic lily Pink Pixie hybridized by Ed McRae. I believe it is commonly available. All aspects look correct: short, medium pink tips, spots extending from center into pink zone, creamy yellow center. The registered height is about 16 inches. I would think shade would make it a little bit taller as it stretches for more light.

You can do a google image search for lilium Pink Pixie.

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I think Pink Pixie is correct. Thanks!

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I think mine is just like Jenny's? Pink Pixie?

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Royal sunset? Supose to be!!! Lesley

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