Bush Beans Have Runners

jcrowder(7)June 7, 2010

I have bush lima beans planted. I can't remember which variety I bought but they did come from Southern States so I feel pretty confident that they are what the bag said they were and I'm positive I bought bush limas. These things are beautiful and bushy but they have runners about 2 feet long. they are reaching across the path and holding hands! Do i just let them lie there or put something up for them to grab on to? thanks

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anney(Georgia 8)


Some beans described as bush do have short runners. They aren't always tidy! At any rate, I think I'd probably see if I could find something to let them grab hold of if they're reaching across a walkway and will be a nuisance to navigate. If you can find the variety name, that would be helpful to share with us.

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Bush limas do not have runners. However some varieties like Woods Prolific have long seed stalks That start up, then fall over. a lot of beans set on these stalks and they will meet in a narrow row. They are relative stiff and will make no effort to twine. Any vine that twines will be a pole type.

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anney(Georgia 8)


Listen to farmerdilla! My assumptions were wrong. If they aren't really "holding hands across the aisle", they won't cling to or climb on anything even if you provide it.

Check into the possibility you were mistakenly sent a pole lima if the runners are twining around each other.

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