Lily problem

north53 Z1b MB(zone 1b Canada)June 27, 2013

Hi Lily growers.
I don't usually post here, but I thought this would be the best place to get help for a new gardener who is having trouble with her lilies.
She gardens in a different city so I have only seen a picture of the problem.
She thinks she has slugs eating her lilies and described them as brown and slimy. She took the picture with her phone, so it's not clear, but I think you can see the brown blobs hanging from the foliage.
I don't think it is slugs, as I have never had slugs touch my lilies. I wondered if it could be the lily beetle grub. I have never seen one though. So far they haven't made it as far north as my garden.
Anyway, any ideas? As you can see the damage is extreme.

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Yep, lily beetle larvae. They cover themselves up with their excrement to hide from predators. Diligence is key. Check under the leaves and wipe off the slime, pick and squish the adult beetles. I have used Neem Oil and it helps but getting out there everyday and checking is the best treatment to curb their damage.

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A few of my lilies have the beetle which is a bright reddish orange color and some of its larvae. Got rid of them quickly because it does not take long for them to kill the leaves and then the plant

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