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We grow quite a few varieties of lilies. One, however, has me baffled.

We grow about a dozen martagons so I am familiar with their appearance. They are currently in bloom. We have another lily that looks much like a martagon.....same bud developmnet, bloom type, time of bloom etc. It is, however about 2/3rds the height but more importantly the leaves are not in the whorl pattern of martagons but the alternate pattern of asiatics. It is the colour of a typical purple martagon.

hmmm? Is this some type of hybrid of a martagon and other species? Or is there a species that has a martagon appearance with alternate leaves?

In our garden we have asiatics, orientals, martagons and native L. philadelphicum. Could a martagon and another lily crossed to produce our specimen?

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Do you have a picture of this lily?

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hld6(z7 MD)

I don't think you naturally get interspecific hybridization. All that I've heard of were created by embryo transfer.

While lots of lilies have a turks cap bloom with alternate leaves, a range of pink colors, and bloom at about the same time as Martagon (i.e., the species L. Lankongense, L. Cernuum, as well as Lankongense hybrids and other asiatic hybrids such as Satin Slippers), I'm assuming you didn't plant any (or you wouldn't be wondering what it was).

A picture, including the whole plant, would make it easier for us to help you. Also additional info. would help. I.e., have you recently planted new lilies that may have had a mislabeled bulb among them and , if so, who were they purchased from?


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"I don't think you naturally get interspecific hybridization."

Thanks for this pointer. I also realized after I did the posting that interspecific hybridization was not likely (even if possible) as we only have the Martagons and L. philadelphicum in bloom at the same time. Both have similar leaf patterns and not alternate leaves. The asiatics in our zone are in bloom a couple weeks later.

I did some further research on the web and found info on a group called 'Martagon hybrids' and this is likely what we planted.

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