Brown leaf tips on Siberian Iris

teri2(7B TN)September 20, 2008

In an effort to expand my garden vocabulary, I planted my first Siberian Irises this spring and they did very well except for the brown leaf tips. It doesn't look like disease so much as maybe a culture issue. At least one of them is in a consistantly damp area; the others are not but all have the brown tips. They get about 6 hours of full sun. I haven't tested the soil but they front some hollies that get an annual dressing of HollyTone so I'm guessing it's slighty acidic. I'd appreciate any ideas or suggestions. Thanks.


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Hi Teri,

Since you just planted them this spring, it's probably from the transplant. You will probably not get that next year, although siberian irises often get brown tips.

Nothing to worry about. I wouldn't be concerned over the soil, siberians are quite adaptable.

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Sparaxis(Vic Aust)

It is fall where you are, and the siberian irises should be starting to get ready for their winter sleep. The leaves will go completely brown, at which stage you can cut them off close to the ground. Don't pull them off as that can damage the rhizomes. Next Spring, the leaves will appear as little green points. Don't let them get too wet in winter. They require reasonable drainage and to moist garden soil all year.
Cheers, Jan in Australia

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