help with an indoor planter - no drainage

melissaabJuly 17, 2013

Hi everyone,

We recently bought a house built in the 70's with a really great indoor planter built into the foyer. There are large windows and a skylight above - plenty of light. But the planter is sealed tight with rubber - no drainage possible. It is roughly 2ft deep and 4'x3' in size.

I'm hoping for some advice on how to prepare this drainless planter? Should I put pebbles and sand in the bottom? Any type of soil better than another (someone had advised me to go to a hydroponics store and get soil there)? I'm not much of a gardener as of yet so any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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Just a suggestion, someone might have a better one. You could try to find some sort of pan or tray such as this one, as long it's water resistant an sturdy

if you can't find out in the dimension of 4x3 than try two 2x3 pans(it would probably be better to get two since you will have 2 feet of heavy soil on top. Drill few drainage holes in the pans and put them upside down on the bottom of the planter. Place or glue on some window screen material on top of them so the soil won't drain inside the pan, just water. This way your soil will have some room for drain water to go instead of keeping it soggy.

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