Black Crowders

bamagrit(8)June 24, 2008

I planted a long row of Black Crowder peas this year. I've never grown these before and they are very, for lack of a better word, 'viney'. Is this normal with this variety of pea? My Mississippi Silver Hulls and Cream 40's aren't as bad as the Black Crowders. They are all blooming good and beginning to put on peas.

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Never found Black Crowders to be viney. It is is a big plant, getting around two feet tall, but bush. Peas tend to set at the top making them a joy to pick.

Here is a link that might be useful: Black crowder

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Thanks for the reply. Yep, they are bushy and these have long tendrils on them also. I expected the tendrils but some of these are long which I didn't expect. The Mississippi Silver Hulls and Cream 40's have the tendrils also though not as long. I've grown them in the past and love'em. The Black Crowders are making peas and I'm lookin' forward to eatin' 'em!! I think I'm goin' to dry'em and eat them this winter.

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