Beans on Plants Not Growing...

Summer_SquashJune 25, 2014

Maybe 12 week old bush beans.

Have been flowering for several weeks. I was expecting quick growth and pods by now, minus a week or two!

Horrible hail storm took out half the blossoms and growing pods, and cut up the plants pretty well. I was expecting a slow down in growth, but it's been around 2 weeks since it looks like any pods have grown.

The longest ones, which, as I said, have been on the plant for about three weeks, are 3 inches long.

Any ideas? This variety is supposed to give me 6 inch pods, at least. I'm confused, and wondering if I should just harvest from the plants, and eat baby green beans.

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What variety? Where are you gardening?
Off hand, I would say, if you planted them for snaps, pick those pods to stimulate more flowering. Also, some varieties simply have short pods.

Tahlequah, OK

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Tendergreen bush.

I am growing them in full sun in my main garden.

A few grew enough to harvest, but the rest are still quite stubbornly 3 inches long.

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