Sick Stellas

violet312s(z7b NC)June 24, 2006

All 3 of my Stellas look horrible. Blooms very low and now it looks like half the leaves are dead and the most of the remaining leaves are yellowing and/or have spots.

They are in a very good drainage area. They are 5 years old and haven't been divided. They didn't look great last year either.

Any suggestions?

GardenWeb keeps rejecting this link, but it does work.

Picture of Sick Stella:

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tjsangel(z5 OH)

That's an aweful big clump. I say they need divided. Do this on a cool cloudy day, use a sharp knife or pruning saw (they have large thick roots). Then water well, add a little fertilizer to the mix and next year you'll have beautiful flowering Daylilies.


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violet312s(z7b NC)

Question - this is one of three clumps of Stellas. I really only still have room for three clumps. Do I divide and then just toss the other half?

Does not dividing them explain the poor performance and dying leaves?

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You might want to post your question on the Daylily forum. You will probably get more numerous responses.


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