Lily of the Valley Dillema

pattiscaJune 24, 2007

I'm a bit of a newbie and a lurker (but not stalker -- no pun intended ;-) I hope someone can help me!

Yep, I know that Lily of the Valley aren't true Lily, but I have a problem.

Dear Hubby and I are getting central air in our 100-year-old home. I have struggled to make my LOV happy, and they have finally started to take off, along with some Clematis and Bleeding Heart. But alas, this is the only location for the A/C unit...and it's right near the radon pump which is what the Clematis was hiding.

So, hubby, not being Mr. Gardener did me a favor and pulled up all of my plants (not the pips or roots). I just spent the better part of an hour pulling up the LOV pips (it's the plant I care most about) and the root stock of the Bleeding Heart.

Now what? I have them all cleaned and just sitting in the shade. I know they may die, but they would have died with an AC unit on top of 'em, too. So, I'm stuck with dry rooted plants. Is it best to just put 'em in peat and throw em in the basement (the coolest place in my house), or better to stick 'em in a freezer? I know some plants can't be frozen until they are naturally dormant (these obviously weren't).

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Why not plant them in pots? Lily of the Valley are enormously invasive, and most gardeners spend a lot of time trying to get rid of them. But they are beautiful, and growing them in pots is the perfect situation. Bleeding Hearts do well in pots too, as long as you keep them in the shade and plant them in well-drained medium.

Good luck,


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