red beatle

anna_lisa(Quebec)June 1, 2006

What do you use to keep away the red beatle that eats the leaves. Right now i'am useing fungus gnat killer dust but its no longer available in Quebec. Thank you Anna

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No...No. Please forget about chemicals. They maybe effective but the side effects can be longterm and BAD.

1) Plant Marigolds around your Lilies. I have Marigolds all over my garden. Marigolds has been around for a very long time. FOR a reason,they are a very good companion plant . The are natural insecticides
2) Plant a few Chives/Garlic near your Lilies too
3) Be patient. Companion planting works well but it takes longer time than chemicals.
You can also start Marigolds from seed which I always do. I save seeds every fall for next season. I save $. Plant Marigolds near your tomatoes too and some Basil. You'll be surprise.


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hld6(z7 MD)

Hi Anna,
This is a re-post of a reply of mine to an earlier "Asiatic Lily" post.

"You have Lily Beetles. Most sites recommend a heavy determined "squishing campaign". If your lilies are defoliated every year they will eventually die out - since the bulb will not get nourishment from the leaves photosynthesis. Google "lily Beetle" (with the quotes so it searches as a phrase). "

Here's one link, but there are many more.


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Its the red lily beetle. They will kill your lillys. I have to use a spray on mine. I spray maybe once or twice a season. I use sevin,

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