Two questions about peas

keith100_gw(NY 5A)June 26, 2014

Hello everyone.
I have 3 forty five foot rows of Wando peas that will be picked this week end. Firstly , how long will they keep ,and is the fridge the best place to store them till shelled? Secondly is there a tool to shell them with? I'm afraid I will have let them go too long, but Saturday is the first chance I'l'l have to pick them Thanks in advance, Keith

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yolos - z 7b/8a Ga.

Secondly is there a tool to shell them with.
Ha, that is my problem too. I love growing them but not shelling. Anybody have any suggestions.

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In the days of wringer washers, they were run through the ringers which popped the peas out nicely. Today ther are dozens of pea shellers on the market ranging from el cheapos to commercial shellers costing over a thousand bucks.

Here is a link that might be useful: pea shellers

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Had crank pea sheller - $50 including shipping

Electric but cheap pea sheller $200

Electirc Taylor sheller $500

Beyond these, you get into heavy duty commercial pea shellers.

You can purchase most any of the above on Ebay, sometimes at a good discount. I paid $275 for a used Taylor off Craigslist.

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keith100_gw(NY 5A)

Fusion power, does it work? I'm talking nice soft garden peas. Not ripe or hard . Thanks again

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

keith100 - on the plant is the best place to keep them until shelled.That's why for fresh consumption it's best to grow them in succession so as not to have a whole lot ready to pick at once. Failing that the keep them in the fridge. Peas start to deteriorate in flavour as soon as they're picked because the sugars start to convert to starch immediately.

I always shell by hand so I can't help you with that part of the question. Do you intend to freeze them since you have so many?

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keith100_gw(NY 5A)

yes freezing is the ticket. Yesterday I picked 2 rows , had a nice batch for lunch and blanched and froze 8 pints. Today I picked the third row, 5 more pints on there way to the freezer now. I 'm afraid the first two rows are going to be in need of picking before I can do it , witch will be Thursday. I have a neighbor that may be able to pick on Tuesday. I hope he can , because I can just about see the pods filling. Seems there is always some snag , lol . Sort of like fishing.

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