When do I pick my soybeans and what do I do with them?

bomber991June 15, 2009

So I was messing around with sprouting soybeans a few months ago, and I decided to put some of them in dirt and try growing some plants.

Well, now I've got about 5 little soybean plants growing in one pot, and they're making bean pods now. My question is when do I pick the pods off? Some of the pods have turned black, but most of them are still green and fattening up. So should I wait till they turn black to pick them? Or just pick them when they're fat enough?

Now my second question is, what do I do with them after they're off the plant? I need to de-pod them, but how do I go about doing that? Do I need to boil them first and then de-pod them or what?

Sorry if these questions seem dumb, they probably are, but I've never grown anything before. I've tried searching for the answers to these questions and I keep coming up with Edamama info. Those sound like they're supposed to be large pod soy beans, these I'm growing are just regular ones.

Anyways, any help would be appreciated.

Thanks :)

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If you are growing regular soybeans, they are not very good as an edible. Edamame are the edible ones. If you are into soybean sprouts from regular soybeans, just let the pods dry on the vine, shell them out, and then use them for sprouts.

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Well I went out and pulled off the dark brown/black ones that have dried out. Cracking open the shell was a lot like cracking open some peanuts. Anyways, the beans that came out were perfect. I still have the original batch of soybeans from the asian market. My grown ones look almost exactly the same. The only difference is that mine are just not quite as fat.

Also I'm growing some mung beans. Same deal there, I pulled off a dry pod and cracked it open. The beans look the same as the bag of mung beans I grew them from.

I'm still amazed I got any beans at all from these plants. I mean I truly treated them like crap. They were not at the edge of my balcony but close to my door. So they only got direct sunlight for about 5 hours a day. The stuff at the edge get 8 or 9 hours. I grew them in crappy $4 for 40 pound "organic" potting soil. No fertilizers added or anything. I really haven't been very diligent with watering them either. These bean plants never had any good looking leaves. They've all been full of brown spots and frayed edges.

I've built one of those earthbox type self watering containers and have a tomato plant and basil plant in it. They've grown so quick and look so healthy. I'm going to build some more and I want to try a soybean plant in there to see how it does when it's treated nice.

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