Two sodium lights vs sodium and metal halide

Rob_SJuly 3, 2014

This is my first post. I've been growing orchids for 30 years under fluorescent and sodium lights. I've been using combinations of one 400 watt sodium and one 400 watt metal halide conversion bulb over the last 10 + years.

I've been trying to find out without much luck if it is better to use two wide spectrum sodiums or one wide spectrum metal halide + one wide spectrum sodium. I get different recommendations from hydroponics shops saying 2 sodiums and continue with metal halide + sodium.

I've been using Hortilux as the sodium is corrected for good spectrum, but one shop said I still need a metal halide as well for the vegetative stage of the orchids.

Another shop said 2 sodiums will do a good job.



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